Dave Luehr

The Leading Keynote Speaker for the Collision World

These and many other questions have been at the center of Dave’s powerful repair shop solutions and a major source of inspiration for his speaking events. The riveting energy he commits to every performance grips his audience every time, emboldening people to take action.

In a very important way, his speeches are more than motivational – they are empowering.

Already more than three decades into his calling, Dave keeps breaking barriers within the collision industry with his authentic, inspirational speaking style.

He has built an international presence performing keynote speeches all over the globe, but he still cherishes the community of local body shop associations where he gladly performs to this very day. Pouring his heart and soul into every speech, Dave asks vital questions and provides actionable answers backed by years of experience and learning.

As a keynote speaker, Dave brings a unique blend of first-hand experience, continuous learning and unbridled enthusiasm to the table. He understands what it means to fail in this industry, but also what it takes to get right back up and thrive as a business owner, as a leader, and most of all, as a human being.

His book, “The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body Shops” serves as the industry bible. You’ll find him speaking at many online and offline events, sharing his invaluable knowledge and his extraordinary energy with all aspiring leaders in the collision industry.

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