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“Having worked with Dave at Elite Body Shop Solutions for several months now, we are achieving a transformation I never dreamed possible. Dave provides valuable information & processes required to perform at world class levels, but more importantly helps me confidently work towards reaching my own potential. I feel I have taken back control of my business and have a renewed passion and vision for the future. Elite Body Shop Solutions is NOT your ordinary consulting company!”

Linda Whaley, Whaley Body Shop

“I would recommend Dave to any collision operator who wants to be the best of the best. His style of consulting is not so much about telling us how to do things as much as it is about doing things with us. It has made a huge difference in our business and I will continue to use his services in the future.”

Jerry Dalton, Dalton's Collision

“Dave’s course DEVELOPING A WINNERS MINDSET helped me to refocus on what’s important. it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of things. Great course Dave, “STAY FOCUSED MY FRIENDS”

Frank Rinaudo, Frank's Accurate Body Shop

Great course Dave. I’m hugely motivated as usual. The lessons here have greatly increased my confidence to succeed and makes me excited for the future of our industry. Thank you for the push to get out of my comfort zone and rise to new levels

Jason Babb, Babb's Auto Body

The material was thought provoking and I really liked the PDF work sheets. The course really helped me realize that I have fallen in to my everyday trap of just working, and not paying attention to the things that will make us better! EXCELLENT MATERIAL!

Randy Sattler, Rydell Cars

“For me being in the industry and own business for 32 years it’s always great to have people like David for motivation. Motivation is the number one thing I need on a daily basis because it’s such a difficult industry.”

John D'Aniello, M3 Collision

“Dave Luehr’s Operations Monthly LIVE is a great tool for shop owners wanting to improve their shop in so many ways. Dave has helped Carstar Body Best Collision Sonoma and Suisun set goals and achieve them with great tips for work flow!! The great thing is I can watch these live broadcasts from home or work. Thanks, Dave, for the great work on improving the collision industry.”

Dino Di Giulio, Carstar Body Best Collision

[About Blueprinting] “I mean honestly it’s one of the best moves we’ve made as a company.”

Jarred Richey, Richey's Body Shop

“We are excited about the Operations Monthly LIVE group. We feel this format fits perfectly with our culture of continuous improvement and is an excellent opportunity to collaborate with operators across the globe.”

Tony Adams, Weaver's Auto Center

“Re-frame how you look at challenges”. Those words alone help me to continue to embrace the changes that I need to take for success. Those who have taken these courses, are already on the path to change. Your lessons Dave, apply to life as well. Not just business life. Thank you for the inspirational insight into the collision world.

Kelly Cooper