What is Elite Mentor?

Ask yourself this question honestly: “Am I running my business, or is it running me?” Even high-performing business leaders can find their business running them. Our goal in every Elite Mentor relationship is to bring back the balance so that you are running your business, setting ambitious goals and exceeding your own expectations

Discover The Elite Mentor Difference

An evolving business landscape needs a modern approach for high-performing body shop leaders. That is where the Elite Mentor program shines! Our approach to coaching is personalized and tailored to the needs of you and your business with a focus on helping you reach your highest level of personal excellence and exceeding your business goals. Each Elite Mentor Clients journey is different, but the methods and tools are similar.

  • A Business Diagnostic to see where your business is at now. Remember, you can’t improve what you don’t measure!
  • A plan developed in collaboration with your Elite Mentor for your business, based on your Business Diagnostic.
  • Consistent, customized virtual and phone communication for training and coaching.
  • Optional on-site visit(s) with your Elite Mentor for specific training needs.
  • Access to a library of proven forms, tools and training
    developed by the Elite Team.

Discovery, Design, & Delivery

It’s time to bring your business vision into focus! It all begins with a resilient foundation that you can build on as you clarify and refine the details that lead to growth.The foundation of a strong, balanced business is based on the 5 Pillars of Success.

It’s time to bring your business vision into focus! It all begins with a resilient foundation that you can build on as you clarify and refine the details that lead to growth.The foundation of a strong, balanced business is based on the 5 Pillars of Success.

  • Financial Health: What are your financial goals for your business?

  • Cultural Health: Is your most important asset (the people in your organization!) growing?

  • Customer Sustainability: What can you do to create customers for life that love doing business with you?

  • Process: How can you ensure a high level of consistency and predictability in every transaction?

  • Risk Management: What actions do you need to take to ensure the safety and longevity of your business?

With time spent looking through the lens of the 5 Pillars and identifying what is vital to your business, your business could be as successful as your imagination will allow.

It’s time to start working hard on the right things and not just working hard. The result? Your business will yield repeat customers, happier employees, and bigger profits, all while you experience less frustration and a more valuable expenditure of your energy and attention

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An Introduction To The Elite Team

Every Elite Mentor has decades of experience in the collision repair industry. Skip the trial-and-error learning curve and take advantage of their hard-won expertise in the school of Auto Body Hard Knocks.


Collision Repair Industry Expert, Keynote Speaker, and Author of The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body Shops

Dave Luehr lives to help others discover their limitless potential. His journey of both successes and failures began over thirty years ago as an enthusiastic teenager who loved cars and auto body shops. Discovering his passion for entrepreneurialism, he started his first million-dollar business with only a one-hundred-dollar bill anda paint gun, only to lose everything a few short years later.

Dave’s inspirational journey back to the top included working in leadership positions for many of America’s leading collision repairers as an operational expert and collision process engineer. Now as the founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions, a popular keynote speaker and author of The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body Shops, Dave inspires an international audience helping thousands improve their businesses and quality of life.

<strong>BRUCE KING</strong>
BRUCE KINGCollision Industry Mentor & Trainer, Former Owner of King’s Collision
With over 45 years of collision repair experience and shop ownership, Bruce King is the founder of King Collision Center’s in Massachusetts. Bruce and his team grew the business to five locations before implementing his succession plan in 2015, passing ownership to his sons. He has served the industry as a 3M-ARMS instructor in the 1980’s and through his appointment by Governor Romney in the early 2000’s to the Massachusetts Auto Damage Appraiser Licensing Board. Bruce became an Elite Body Shop Solutions Mentor in 2017 to share his passion, knowledge, skills and training with other shop owners
<strong>RICH ALTIERI</strong>
RICH ALTIERICollision Industry Mentor & Presenter
For over 40 years, Rich Altieri has honed his skills by working in collision repair businesses and dedicating his life to improving the collision repair industry at-large.Working his way through the ranks as a young man in the industry, Rich worked in every facet of his family’s shop before leaving to become the founder of one of the industry’s first computer-assisted estimating systems, KIS Software, in the 1980’s. Rich is perhaps best known for his many years of service at PPG helping to develop and deliver revolutionary business development training programs, helping thousands of shops improve their processes and profitability. Rich founded Auto Body Management Solutions, LLC in 2010 offering consulting and cutting-edge Lean business development programs and seminars.
<strong>ANTHONY GUINN</strong>
ANTHONY GUINNCollision Industry Mentor
A leader in the collision repair industry for over four decades, Anthony Guinn began learning entrepreneurial, leadership and management skills at the age of seventeen. He spent the first twenty years of his career working in all facets of the automotive industry with a primary focus in variable and fixed operations. Throughout his career, Anthony has participated in many civic groups and served as the president of the California Auto Body association in the San Fernando Valley. Anthony became an Elite Body Shop Solutions Mentor in 2017 to help body shop owners through his experience, skills and knowledge.
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“Having worked with Dave at Elite Body Shop Solutions for several months now, we are achieving a transformation I never dreamed possible. Dave provides valuable information & processes required to perform at world class levels, but more importantly helps me confidently work towards reaching my own potential. I feel I have taken back control of my business and have a renewed passion and vision for the future. Elite Body Shop Solutions is NOT your ordinary consulting company!”

Linda Whaley, Whaley Body Shop

Whaley Body Shop

“I would recommend Dave to any collision operator who wants to be the best of the best. His style of consulting is not so much about telling us how to do things as much as it is about doing things with us. It has made a huge difference in our business and I will continue to use his services in the future.”

Jerry Dalton, Dalton’s Collision

Whaley Body Shop

“Dave’s course DEVELOPING A WINNERS MINDSET helped me to refocus on what’s important. it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind of things. Great course Dave, “STAY FOCUSED MY FRIENDS”

Frank Rinaudo, Frank’s Accurate Body Shop

Whaley Body Shop

“Great course Dave. I’m hugely motivated as usual. The lessons here have greatly increased my confidence to succeed and makes me excited for the future of our industry. Thank you for the push to get out of my comfort zone and rise to new levels.”

Jason Babb, Babb’s Auto Body

Whaley Body Shop

“The material was thought provoking and I really liked the PDF work sheets. The course really helped me realize that I have fallen in to my everyday trap of just working, and not paying attention to the things that will make us better! EXCELLENT MATERIAL!”

Randy Sattler, Rydell Cars

Whaley Body Shop

‘”Re-frame how you look at challenges”. Those words alone help me to continue to embrace the changes that I need to take for success. Those who have taken these courses, are already on the path to change. Your lessons Dave, apply to life as well. Not just business life. Thank you for the inspirational insight into the collision world.”

Kelly Cooper

Whaley Body Shop

“For me being in the industry and own business for 32 years it’s always great to have people like David for motivation. Motivation is the number one thing I need on a daily basis because it’s such a difficult industry.”

John D’Aniello, M3 Collision

Whaley Body Shop