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Elite Mentor


Elite Mentor is a modern and refreshing approach to coaching, consulting, and getting collision shops world-class results. Elite Mentor gets great results through the use of both phone and on-line training and coaching. Clients have the option and are encouraged to request an on-site visit from the Elite Mentor as needed for specific training needs. Through the use of weekly phone and on-line contact, your Elite Mentor will guide you and your organization to new heights helping you reach your goals and achieve levels of personal excellence you may have previously thought impossible. Your Elite Mentor will act as your coach, your critical friend, your sounding board, and industry expert to help you reach your objectives every time. It is like having a personal trainer to ensure you are continuously successful!

Discovery, Design, & Delivery

In the beginning stages your mentor will work with shop leadership to help establish goals and objectives to get and keep your organization moving in the right direction. To create long term balanced success we will focus on the 5 pillars of success: Financial Health, Cultural Health, Customer Sustainability, Risk Management, and Process.

Weekly GoToMeetings

Several times each month shop leaders join their Elite Mentor for a phone/computer on-line GoToMeeting. After the first few meetings are completed, you will have established goals and have a clear direction to begin your work together. A wide range of topics can be covered during the weekly meetings but the most common format is:

  • Discuss month-to-date financial and KPI performance vs. goal
  • Discuss & brainstorm new business opportunities and new problems
  • Discuss long range objectives, goals, and progress on tasks and projects
  • Brief lessons on leadership, time management, influence strategies, etc.

During these meetings you can expect that your Elite Mentor will be very efficient with everyone’s time and keep things moving along. You can also expect that your mentor will be friendly and professional but will be relentless in holding people accountable for action towards the goals.

Phone Calls

As part of your investment, you will have reasonable unlimited access to phone calls with your Elite Mentor between 8:00 am-5:00 pm Monday to Friday. Please keep in mind that your mentor also works for other shops so when the mentor is performing on-sites they may have to setup a time to talk outside of his time in the other clients’ shops. Mentors will occasionally agree to schedule talks after hours and even on weekends if agreed upon in advance for urgent and important matters.

Access to Forms, Tools, Training

As an Elite Mentor participant, you will have access to Elite customizable forms, scheduling and production management tools, Elite newsletters, articles and on-line training webinars.

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