Our Mission

Elite Body Shop Solutions seeks to serve the independent collision repairer through providing a unique and inspirational portfolio of educational services designed to help them consistently reach their business goals while helping the individuals involved move closer to their true personal potential.


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Dave Luehr
Dave LuehrCEO of Elite Body Shop Solutions
Dave Luehr lives to help others discover their limitless potential. His journey of both successes and failures began over thirty years ago as an enthusiastic teenager who loved cars and auto body shops. Discovering his passion for entrepreneurialism, he started his first million-dollar business with only a one-hundred-dollar bill and a paint gun, only to lose everything a few short years later.

Dave’s inspirational journey back to the top included working in leadership positions for many of America’s leading collision repairers as an operational expert and collision process engineer. Now as the founder of Elite Body Shop Solutions, a popular keynote speaker and author of The Secrets of America’s Greatest Body Shops, Dave inspires an international audience helping thousands improve their businesses and quality of life.

Bruce King
Bruce KingAssociate Elite Mentor
Bruce King brings over forty-five years of collision repair experience to the Elite Team. Bruce is the founder of the very successful King’s Collision Centers in Massachusetts. Before selling the business to his son, Bruce became very well known in the collision repair industry as a “lean process expert.” Boasting one of the industry’s best examples of a lean collision organization, Bruce now uses his expertise to help Elite clients build their own versions of excellence.

Bruce has been very involved in the collision repair industry and has served on the boards of many business organizations and has held executive roles for groups such as the Coyote Vision Group, and the Massachusetts Auto Body Association. Bruce is also an outstanding instructor and speaker and was a popular 3M/ARMS body shop management presenter for many years.

What Separates Elite Body Shop Solutions from the Rest?

What separates Elite Body Shop Solutions from the rest of the industry consultants is the insistence on an initial “coaching and personal trainer” approach to improving the client’s business. Elite will focus first on opening and conditioning the mind of the business owner to help them realize their vast potential. Elite then seeks to establish a healthy culture in the organization by providing leadership, and communication skills then assists the shop in the development of the company’s vision and values. It is only at this point in the client’s development that new processes and efficiencies can be successfully implemented. Elite’s consulting competition generally does not use this approach but instead immediately dives right into process development from the very beginning. This cart before the horse approach is the very reason that the collision industry has made virtually zero improvements in throughput or cycle time since lean processes were introduced to our industry approximately 15 years ago. As Peter Drucker once said,” culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

The Industrial Age Versus the Conceptual Age

People want to work for something that they believe in and people want to work with other people that that have similar values. A large part of the Elite strategy understands this important concept. The collision industry is very poorly equipped with the skills necessary to operate a business in the modern age. Management or “leadership” methods that are still being widely used are the same industrial age methods that seeks to treat everyone the same and shop leadership is often equally as frustrated by their own inability to provide a healthy work culture as the workers are. Other “consulting” companies that do teach modern leadership and communication skills rarely venture into our industry instead favoring the plentiful opportunities in large corporate environments. Elite or any company that can provide and adapt modern leadership skills to the collision repair industry will have an endless supply of need! Elite’s answer to these challenges lies within the framework of our Elite Mentor solutions. For information how Mentor can make a positive difference in your shop, click the button below!

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